Solar Leasing

Solar Leasing For Your Home

Over the last decade, highly efficient photovoltaic (PV) systems have become more affordable than ever. Factors are growing each year:

Innovative design and engineering techniques are leading to improved product yield. Worldwide, dozens of reputable manufacturers are competing for market share, further driving down costs. Federal, state and municipal regulators are encouraging implementation through tax incentives and rebate programs.

Solar LeasingWhile prices have dropped, they can still be a substantial capital investment for some homeowners.

DFW Solar Electric and GreanGrid Solar have partnered to provide a solution to help homeowners take the big step towards renewable energy.

Solar Leasing reduces your up-front Investment

Under a solar leasing arrangement, DFW Solar Electric will install and maintain the system on your property. GreanGrid will own the system and administers the lease. The homeowner purchases the electricity it generates at a fixed, predetermined rate.

Electricity your system produces in excess of what is consumed may be sold back to your Retail Electric Provider for a credit used to reduce your electric bill even further. When your system does not produce enough electricity to meet your needs, you use electricity from the power grid to make up the difference.

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