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Earth Day Solar Special

  Celebrate Earth Day by sharing the power of solar energy. To celebrate Earth Day, show others how easy it is to go green and install solar power, and earn $250.* Interested in solar power for your home or business? Contact us for more information on our Earth Day Discount. *Paid upon completion of referred […]

Top 5 Solar Power Myths

SOLAR MYTH #1 “Solar panels may create a negative impact on the U.S. economy.” FALSE The solar industry employed around 50,000 Americans in 2009, which has now grown to over 100,000. At the third quarter of 2011, the U.S. solar energy market grew 140%, thus making it one of the fastest growing sectors in the […]

Solar Power – Free Energy from the Sun

Solar Power is generally defined as the conversion of energy from sunlight into usable electrical power.  It includes direct technologies such as photovoltaics (PV) and indirect technologies such as concentrated solar power (CSP). PV systems are typically utilized on residential or small commercial applications. They can be efficiently scaled down to an individual’s needs or […]

Solar Electricity – Growing Strong in Texas

As Texas grows, so does its consumption of power and electricity. Federal and state environmental regulations have required the winding down or closure of a previous generation of power sources. Solar electricity can meet the needs of a growing Texas economy. No state is better situated to capture the power of the sun. If all […]

Zero Energy Construction – The Solar Connection

Zero Energy new construction and redevelopment projects are coming to your community! Zero Energy – Tomorrow’s Future is here today Science fiction authors have never failed to imagine and articulate a world where technology has solved man’s greatest challenges. Among other glimpses of the “future”, can you envision an endless supply of clean energy? Every […]

Solar Leasing For Your Home

Over the last decade, highly efficient photovoltaic (PV) systems have become more affordable than ever. Factors are growing each year: Innovative design and engineering techniques are leading to improved product yield. Worldwide, dozens of reputable manufacturers are competing for market share, further driving down costs. Federal, state and municipal regulators are encouraging implementation through tax […]

Solar Panels – Just how do they Work?

Solar Panel Technology can sound quite Technical The technology behind successfully harnessing the energy from the sun has been improved dramatically over the last decade. For an in-depth technical explanation of how it works, we recommend our favorite expert in all things solar, NASA. Solar Panel Technology in a Nutshell For the vast majority of […]